Having a FAB time out east

balfron art Fiona Douglas with Webby
balfron art Fiona Douglas with Webby

CHILDREN from a Balfron art group had great fun seeing the sculpture they created on display in Edinburgh.

The pupils of Friends of Art Balfron (FAB) went to see the colourful hornbill bird at Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens at the weekend.

They made it for a local web hosting company for the Jungle City exhibition which is raising awareness of endangered animals.

The youngsters, aged six to 11, were delighted that their creation, called Webby, has taken pride of place outside the glasshouse at the gardens until the end of August.

Fiona Douglas (10) said: “It’s amazing to see what we’ve painted actually on display. Loads of people told us they’d read about us in the local paper and they’d come to see it. It’s brilliant.”

FAB chairperson Dawn Cullen said: “It’s been wonderful for the children to have so many people complimenting them on their work.

“This exhibition is a real feast of creativity and we’re so proud that what we’ve created for Easyspace has attracted so many people to come and take a look.”

Sarah Haran, managing director of Easyspace, said: “I would urge everyone to go and see Jungle City.

“The children’s work really takes your breath away. For the adults going along, if they scan the quick response code stickers on our hornbill with their smartphone they can even get themselves a web hosting discount.”

For more information about the children’s project, go to www.facebook.com/easyspaceltd

FAB starts its new season of Saturday morning art workshops, called Balfron Artworks, tomorrow morning from 9.15am.

The classes for all ages from five to 12 years old are held at McLintock Hall in Balfron.

For more details contact Gillian Cooper on 01360 449425 or go online to access the group’s web blog at balfronartworks.blogspot.com

Friends of Art Balfron is a not-for-profit organisation set up to promote the visual arts in the Balfron area.