Have your say on new Tesco bid


PEOPLE are being urged to have their say on Tesco’s plans for Milngavie.

There are concerns that the supermarket giant is unwilling to make significant changes to its proposals to build a huge new store in the town.

It is due to submit a second application for expansion with East Dunbartonshire Council - after its original plans were blocked.

Tesco is asking people to submit their views - and campaign group We Like Milngavie (WLM) and MP Jo Swinson want to community to make their feelings known.

WLM’s Eve Gilmore said: “Tesco’s manager of corporate affairs, Gloria Coats, invited readers to e-mail her with their thoughts on the existing store, and what they would like from a new store in Milngavie.

“We Like Milngavie have been heartened by the letters sent to Gloria and copied to We Like Milngavie, by present and former Tesco customers and many others.

“The letters clearly highlight that people feel they have more than enough choice in the existing store, they don’t want to spend more time shopping in a larger and less convenient store, and they are concerned about the increase in traffic and congestion they feel a monster store would bring to the small town of Milngavie.”

Ms Swinson said: “Local people need a store that is right for Milngavie, not a store double the current size that overshadows the historic Gavin’s Mill and the village.

“Tesco must rethink the entire scale of their development rather than just tweaking their previous proposal. People pressure is vital, and Tesco must not ignore the voice of the community.”

Send your e-mails to tesco@community line.org

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