Half a century of dedicated service

50th anniversary celebrations
50th anniversary celebrations

A special surprise dinner has been held for a real local hero who has dedicated five decades to supporting a thriving Boys’ Brigade company.

Alistair Whitelaw has been a member of 1st Lenzie Company for 50 years, joining in October 1965.

It all started three weeks after he got married, when Alistair wandered down to Lenzie Union Parish Church and stumbled across the youth group.

Previously Alistair had been a member of the 47th Glasgow and completed his King George VI Officer Training at Carronvale House in 1960.

Naturally, he went along and has never given up since.

Starting off as Lieutenant, Alistair got himself involved in all Brigade activities, including cooking at camps, for which he became famous - particularly for his strawberry tarts and doughnuts.

Later he became Company Captain and had the privilege of being Captain during the Boys’ Brigade’s centenary in 1983.

During this time he also led many boys (and girls from the Girls’ Brigade), to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

A memorable time was when his own son, Stuart Whitelaw, achieved his Duke of Edinburgh Gold, and so they both, along with Alistair’s wife Margaret, went to Holyrood Palace in their uniforms to receive Stuart’s award.

Alistair retired as Company Captain in 1995 when Ken Roberts took over the reigns - however with Alistair as his right hand man.

Today Alistair, at the age of 75 and celebrating 50 years of marriage, continues to volunteer with 1st Lenzie Company as a Lieutenant.

His continuous hard work and support to boys working towards their Presidents’ and Queens’ Badges is still evident today, as well as going on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions with them too.

To celebrate this great achievement of 50 years volunteering as a BB Officer a surprise dinner was arranged on Saturday, October 24, by staff members.

Over 80 current boys, staff, former members and friends joined together to surprise Alistair and celebrate his influential role in leading youth work for 50 years.