Guinea pigs are dumped in park

guinea pigs
guinea pigs

TWO pregnant guinea pigs were abandoned along with three others after they were thrown out of a vehicle at Mugdock Country Park.

A member of the public spotted the helpless animals and alerted a park ranger after spotting a broken cage lying upside down.

Scottish SPCA ambulance driver Jean MacKay took the animals, four female and one male, to the charity’s Glasgow Animal Rescue and Re-homing Centre in Cardonald, where they have been named Eros, Ruby, Pearl, Jade and Sapphire. The rodents were dumped on Sunday, September 25.

The charity’s Ad MacKay said: “The ranger thinks whoever did this has driven to a quiet area and may have thrown the hutch from their car as it looks like it landed on its roof.

“All of the guinea pigs were out of the hutch when they were found. The poor little things were wet and absolutely terrified.

“It’s very lucky someone spotted them when they did. Whoever dumped them hadn’t even left any food or water so they wouldn’t have survived long if they hadn’t been found.

“This was this a particularly heartless act which involved two pregnant animals. Abandoning any animal is a very irresponsible thing to do, but to just dump them in a remote spot is beyond cruel and we’re really keen to speak to whoever owned these guinea pigs.”

Park Manager Ian Arnott said: “On Sunday, September 25 at Mugdock Country Park, a member of the public alerted the Ranger Service to five abandoned guinea pigs in one of the car parks. A member of the Ranger Service immediately contacted the SSPCA who came and took the animals to a local refuge. Abandoning an animal is illegal and the SSPCA is investigating the matter.

“If anyone has any information that can help the investigation they should contact 03000 999 999.”