Growing concern over plan for wild flower meadow

Millenium field near Switchback'Photo Emma Mitchell'23/8/13
Millenium field near Switchback'Photo Emma Mitchell'23/8/13

Ambitious plans to turn a public park in Bearsden into a

wild flower meadow have raised concerns for a local resident.

Anna MacMillan, from Braemar Crescent, says The Millennium Field near The Switchback - gifted to the residents of the Crescent in 2000 - would look beautiful when it was finished, but fears the council do not have the resources to maintain it.

She said: “It is a beautiful idea in theory, but is not something you can do and then just walk away from.”

She said her scepticism came in part from reading a recent story in the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald.

She said: “There was a front page story in the Herald a couple of week’s ago in which the council was criticised for leaving pensioner’s hedge uncut for a year after he had paid them to do it. So what will it be like with a wild flower garden?”

Grace Irvine, director of neighbourhood services said: “East Dunbartonshire Council neighbourhood services is fully geared up to maintain and manage these flower meadows, which will be monitored carefully to ensure the maintenance regime is strictly adhered to.

“The lower area wildflower meadow will be cut annually with all cuttings removed, treated with herbicide and rotovated each spring to remove all weeds.”

Flowers planned for the meadow will include Shirley Poppies, Cosmos and Bishops Flower.