Grow for it - create your own sensory garden

SCHOOLS, community groups and charities are being invited to apply for a sensory garden to be created for them.

As part of its commitment to the local area, Dobbies Garden World in Milngavie, as part of its Here We Grow campaign, is offering up free plants, garden accessories, and pebbles or barks to create a garden.

It could contain scented and edible plants, a variety of textured plants and paving and even water features designed to make a pleasing sound - the choice is all yours.

These types of garden have been shown to have soothing benefits for people who are going through health problems or who have learning difficulties.

But they are equally enjoyable for anyone who wants to learn about how different types of plants affect your senses.

To apply for a sensory garden contact your Dobbies community champion at

For more information go inline and visit