Gregory’s Girl actor launches second book

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Famous for playing Gregory in Gregory’s Girl - Scottish actor John Gordon Sinclair is launching his new book “Blood Whispers” in Drymen this week.

John chose to release his second book in Drymen Church Hall on Thursday, June 5 in a bid to support the local library - where his sister Christina Finlay works.

She helped to organise the event and is grateful to him for bringing people to the area and making people aware that there is a library in the village at a time when many libraries are under threat.

John (52) was born in Glasgow and joined Glasgow’s Youth Theatre when he was only 15-years-old after he visited one night and met fellow fan of Canadian progressive rock group Rush, Robert Buchanan.

As a result he starred in a number of films by director Bill Forsyth, probably the most notable of one was 1981’s Gregory’s Girl when he was 18-years-old and two decades later Gregory’s Two Girls. He also appeared in Forsyth’s Local Hero and That Sinking Feeling.

He continued to act on stage and screen. Other roles include parts in Goodbye Mr Steadman, Mad About Alice Gasping and Roman Road. He was also in the first series of LWT’s Hot Metal and both the radio and television sitcom An Actor’s Life For Me. He played Dan Weir in Espedair Street, the BBC Radio 4 adaptation of the Iain Banks novel, as well as playing the lead part of Dr Finlay in the Radio 4 series entitled Adventures of a Black Bag.

He also played Frank McClusky, a leading character, in the 1990 John Byrne TV serial “Your Cheatin’ Heart”.

More recently appeared alongside Brad Pitt in the well known zombie/action summer blockbuster movie World War Z as a United States Navy SEAL.

“Blood Whispers” is not John’s first book - he had a novel called “Seventy Times Seven” published in 2012.

He lives in Surrey with his wife, also a Glaswegian, and their two daughters aged six and eight.

John started writing when his eldest daughter was a baby as he wanted to find a way to be at home so that he could help his wife with childcare.

He said: “I wanted to be a hands-on dad so I decided to write between changing nappies and getting bottles prepared.

“My first book took about six years to write as my daughters were so young and I got a lot of interruptions.

“They were older the second time round so it was a bit easier and took me a year to finish it.

“I thoroughly enjoy writing and my books are completely fictional apart from borrowing people’s names occasionally.”

“Blood Whispers” is going to be launched at 7pm in Drymen Church Hall - if you’d like to go please call the library on 01360 660751.