Greenbelt building battle about to start in Bearsden

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A greenbelt building battle is about to get underway after a construction company unveiled plans to create 75 homes in Bearsden.

Mansell Homes wants to build the properties at Kessington Farm, close to Boclair Academy, and is about to submit a planning application.

The company admits the land is on greenbelt - but hopes to exploit a Scottish Government edict that councils free up protected land for housebuilding.

It is understood that it’s in this context that the 3.5 hectare Kessington Farm site, just under the size of five football pitches, came to developers’ attentions.

Mansell Homes say the proposed housing estate would entail the planting of a new community woodland and a wetlands drainage system to ‘increase biodiversity’.

The developer claims that 25 per cent of the houses built would be ‘affordable’.

It has set up a series of public exhibitions where people can see the plans.

However, there has already been adverse reaction, with those living nearby worried about the destruction of a greenbelt area.

One man, who asked not to be named, said: “I’m a resident of Woodvale Avenue and the entire nature of the street will change if this project goes through.

“This area used to be a quiet haven for local dog walkers and kids to go for strolls as well as just relax.

“The view just beside Kessington Farm is priceless, truely beautiful. Now this project will result in Temple Woods being enclosed in houses. It will totally spoil the area and destroy the peaceful family home I grew up in.

“From my house I can watch deer walk along the farmland, or look onto the Campsie hills and see the snow form in the winters.

“Now those same hills will be many many houses and that will be just a distant memory, all to enrich an already wealthy housing company.

“Furthermore, this will have a big effect on the school. The children’s play area and football fields will be surrounded by houses that press upon it’s fences.

“This has some issues for security of the children.

“Our quiet area of Bearsden is being forced to further become urbanised just like so many others have.”

Another resident said: “Word is getting out about this and people are shocked.

“There will be objections. They will have a fight on their hands over this.”

Exhibitions take place in Boclair Academy on Saturday, March 22 from 1am to 1pm and Kessington Hall on Wednesday, March 26 from 2 till 7pm.

Mansell Homes was unavailable for comment.