Good samaritan’s injury horror

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A MILNGAVIE woman is recovering at home after she was involved in a horror accident just before Christmas.

Jenny Overton, who is the chairperson of Milngavie in Bloom, was helping to push someone’s car across the ice in the Clober Road car park, Milngavie, on December 22 when the car rolled forwards into her and trapped her against a wall.

Passers-by quickly came to her aid and called the emergency services. Two fire engines arrived and pulled the car away and she was rushed to the Western Infirmary in a waiting ambulance. Jenny also received extensive treatment at the Royal Infirmary, including skin grafts, as she sustained serious injuries to both her legs.

She is now recovering well and using a wheelchair to get around at home.

She said: “Thanks to excellent treatment in hospital I am now making a good recovery.

“I am very glad to be back in Milngavie.

“I was very grateful to the passers-by who alerted the emergency services so quickly. I’d also like to thank the staff at the hospitals - they did a fantastic job in looking after me.

“If I had even dreamt for a moment that I was doing something dangerous when I helped to push the car I wouldn’t have done it.

“It was absolutely no-one’s fault - just a very unfortunate accident - but I’d warn other people not to push cars in the ice and snow. On this occasion I have paid the price for my helpful nature.”

Jenny is now looking forward to a full recovery and being able to get out to plant more flowers in the area after the long, hard winter.