Good Egg car safety scheme launched

A NEW campaign to warn parents about the dangers of using inappropriate or incorrectly fitted car seats has been launched by East Dunbartonshire Council.

The local authority is supporting the Scottish Good Egg In-Car Safety campaign and hopes its new drive will help raise awareness of the problem.

Posters, information and Good Egg guides will be distributed throughout East Dunbartonshire in the coming weeks as part of the campaign and a car seat clinic, which will give parents, grandparents and carers the chance to have their child seats checked by a safety expert, will take place in Asda Bearsden next month.

Councillor Billy Hendry, convener of Development and Infrastructure, said: “Although well-intentioned parents may install a child car seat to keep their child safe, the danger of serious injury is just as great if the seat is not fitted properly or if they have chosen the wrong type of seat for the height, weight and age of the child.

“We are delighted, therefore, that Good Egg car seat clinics are being organised throughout the area as part of this campaign, and strongly advise all parents to take advantage of this free opportunity to let the experts make sure children of all ages are being carried safely using the correct restraint.

“It will give them peace of mind and it could save their child’s life.”

The car seat clinic will take place at Asda on Monday, August 8, between 10am and 3pm.

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