Go green and cut your household bills

Residents are being urged to act now to cut their bills and make their homes warmer as part of a campaign to encourage people to call the Home Energy Scotland Hotline.

A one-stop shop for advice and support, the Home Energy Scotland Hotline is there to help Scots keep warm this winter and beyond. Around a third of Scottish households have been offered advice by the hotline since it started, and it is the only source of clear and impartial advice on how to make your home cheaper to heat.

The campaign to highlight the hotline comes as the Scottish Government has announced it will invest millions into a new national fuel poverty scheme. This will build on the success of the Energy Assistance Scheme, which has provided over 46,000 vulnerable households with heating and/or insulation measures over the past five years.

Everyone can get help from the hotline; it is not just for the stereotypically disadvantaged or elderly people. As well as receiving money-saving energy advice, households may be eligible to receive money towards the cost of replacing their old, inefficient boiler with a new model, which could also cut hundreds of pounds off their annual fuel bills. Many are also in line for free loft and cavity wall insulation, and some will even receive a full central heating system at no cost.

The government’s new scheme will build on the existing programme, to address fuel poverty, which affects 27 per cent of Scottish households.

To find out what you are eligible for - whatever your circumstances - call the Scottish Government’s Home Energy Scotland Hotline now on 0808 808 2282 or go to www.homeenergyscotland.org.uk . Act now to make your home warmer and Scotland greener.