Gig review: Marmozets (Stereo)

The Marmozets
The Marmozets

A radio-friendly hardcore outfit with a remarkable lead singer and an infectious enthusiasm - Marmozets are a band who demand attention.

Playing their debut Glasgow show at Stereo - on the back of a freshly-signed album deal with Roadrunner Records - the five-piece boast a sound remarkably well-developed for their tender years (ranging from 16-20).

There’s elements of Rage Against The Machine and Enter Shikari in the unremitting barrage of guitars and drums, but frontwoman Becca MacIntyre’s voice is something completely unique. Capable of both blood-curdling screams and melodic interludes, it’s the most effective weapon in the band’s impressive arsenal.

The songs themselves occasionally edge towards parody (‘Why Do You Hate Me’ being the main culprit), but are delivered with a armour of belief that repels cynicism. There’s no qualms about taking on the industry either, with ‘Cover Up’ taking semi-naked starlets to task.

As the gig ends with Marmozets in the crowd, and precariously balanced on speaker stands, there’s a feeling this could just be the start of something.