Gig review: Clutch (Glasgow ABC)

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It’s often said that everything is bigger in America - well bands certainly don’t come much bigger than Clutch, who played their largest ever Scottish show at Glasgow’s ABC last week.

From lead singer Neil Fallon’s personality and drummer Jean-Paul Gaster’s drum solos, to the crashing guitar hooks and epic songs; everything is positively MASSIVE.

That includes the crowd. The Maryland outfit have been around for almost 25 years but have never been more popular - largely thanks to their first genuine hit album ‘Earth Rocker’ being released last year. It means that the vast hall is completely sold out with black-clad acolytes.

They are dished up a treat, as Fallon struts about the stage - part circus ringleader, part preacher - delivering a set heavy on the newer slabs of pulsating stoner rock. It’s a real headbangers’ love-in though, with even completely new songs welcomed with raised glasses and a sea of devil horn hand gestures.

It’s unremitting stuff, only pausing for an acoustic version of ‘Gone Cold’ before powering onto a crowd pleasing encore of ‘Pure Rock Fury’ and ‘D.C. Sound Attack!’