Getting to Know You

24.9.12 Photograph Jamie Forbes. Duntreath Castle, outside Strathblane, pic of Lady Julia Edmonstone with shopping bags promoting her autumn fair.
24.9.12 Photograph Jamie Forbes. Duntreath Castle, outside Strathblane, pic of Lady Julia Edmonstone with shopping bags promoting her autumn fair.

THIS week sees the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald launch a new feature ‘Getting to Know You’.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be putting the spotlight on prominent local residents and asking them to tell us a little bit about themselves.

For the first in the series of articles we talk to Lady Julie Edmonstone, who lives in Duntreath Castle, Blanefield.

1. What do you like most about living in Duntreath Castle?

Of course the privilege of living in and modernising Duntreath, creating the lakes and gardens and continuing the unbroken inheritance of nearly 600 years.

My mother, though, was Aberdonian through and through and never considered this area ‘proper’ Scotland.

I’ve found quite the opposite and am heart-warmed by the sheer nice friendliness of everyone who lives here.

2. What song sums up your life?

I spent a year jotting down my all time favourite tunes and now I’ve burnt 40 of them onto two discs - don’t ask! Whichever tune they start at makes me sigh with pleasure.

Perusing the titles now, a lot are light classical or religious - The Messiah, Handel’s Largo, Jesu Joy, Panis Angelicus. Some are traditional Scottish tunes played by the band of the Grenadier Guards which was my father’s regiment and my previous life, several are by The Seekers (do you remember them.... Oh Danny Boy, The Carnival is Over), themes from the Godfather and Schindler’s list. Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto is a particular favourite.

3. What skill do you keep meaning to learn?

How to organise and transfer photos from my camera to i-phone to Applemac and disc. Although I’m secretly rather proud of myself, I still have to write everything down in words of one syllable and then do it three or four times before it really sinks in.

4. What’s your ideal holiday destination?

It’s playing golf with friends in Portugal, with a lot of time spent reading by the pool in their lovely garden and not knowing what’s for supper.

5. Name three people alive or dead you’d like to go for a drink with.

I just can’t answer this one - there are so many wonderful and admirable people (mostly dead) - all high achievers in their own sphere or who have suffered beyond our imagination or comprehension.

My mother would say it is the person you are talking to at the moment.

6. Describe your ideal weekend.

Every weekend spent in good health is ideal.

Mine would include several of the following - reading an historically orientated novel, visiting a new garden or place of interest, playing bridge or golf, anything to do with my family, researching and trying out new recipes, watching Strictly Come Dancing. Above all I absolutely love socialising.

7. What do you think is the most-over-rated virtue?

People who smile all the time, even when talking about something serious.

8. Who is your inspiration?

In death, my late mother, in life, Her Majesty the Queen.

9. What’s your favourite film?

Anything ghastly I can take my grandchildren to!

10. What motto do you live your life by?

Try to pay a compliment at least once a day.