Get your Herald for just 32p

LIKE many papers, we’ve had to increase our cover price - by just 2p to 45p.

However, we’ve frozen our subscription price. So if you become a subscriber by the end of January you’ll pay just 32p for your copy.

Our new subscription service normally offers a 25 per cent discount but if you sign up before the end of January you can benefit from an extra savings.

Whether you take out a subscription or buy your Herald at the shops you’ll find your local paper is still great value.

It’s where you will get all the latest news from our wide circulation area and a top-class sports coverage of rugby, football, golf, athletics and whatever else our local sportsmen or women are competing in.

We’ve always got great competitions and offers - including this week’s super holiday promotion - to make sure our readers get that little bit extra back for their money.

See this week’s Herald for full subscription offer details - or call 0844 991 6464 to subscribe NOW.