Get behind the Got2Dance girls


THREE talented dancers from Bearsden are thrilled to have made it through to the semi-finals of a prestigious dance competition on Sky TV.

Bearsden Academy pupil Stephanie Taylor (16), and former Bearsden Academy pupils, Lorna Munn (24) and Jaimie MacCrae (18) are now in with a chance of winning the top prize of £250,000.

They are part of a team of 17 dancers aged nine to 24 years old called Fear of the Unknown - inspired by the film Avatar - which featured on Sky 1’s Got2Dance contest on Sunday.

The former Baljaffray Primary pupils, who all attend Robert Hamilton’s Dancepoint Musical Theatre School in Glasgow, made it through to the live semi-finals when they will perform for votes from the public.

Only 30 acts will make it to the finals - and the girls are hopeful that readers in Milngavie and Bearsden will vote for them to help make their dreams come true.

Fear of the Unknown was formed six months ago to enter competitions and includes seven members of the original team The Box (also from Robert Hamilton’s dance school) which made it through to the live finals of series one two years ago - they finished in the top three acts.

Now they are back with new members and a fresh look with an uplifting and surprising routine choreographed by Robert Hamilton and Juliann Dougan.

Leena Patel, spokesperson for Got2Dance, said: “Fear of The Unknown’s dances are motivated by story telling - they are visually dramatic with colourful costumes and body paints. The girls are inspired by everything around them and constantly feed their imagination by watching as much as they can on sites such as YouTube, and staying open minded to things they see around them. They believe the more they put in to their routine, the more they will get out of it.

“They all share their passion for performing and they dance because they enjoy it and don’t think about the competing element.

“Fear of The Unknown currently rehearse in a run down rehearsal hall, with no mirrors and inappropriate flooring, and if they won the prize money would love to invest it back into new facilities for Dancepoint and sustain the future of the school for generations of dancers to come.

“Several of the parents would not be able to afford it but would love to be able to send their kids to dance school so that they could fulfil their ultimate passion in life. If Fear of The Unknown went on to win the show £250,000 could change all that.”

The live semi-final shows are going to be shown on Sky 1 this Sunday and Sunday, February 5 at 6pm. All votes count.