Gearing up to tackle the winter freeze

A frozen pipe taken off the internet.
A frozen pipe taken off the internet.

WATER bosses are gearing up to battle severe winter conditions.

Scottish Water is implementing a range of measures to prepare its service for 2.4 million household customers, ahead of any extreme weather.

The business has prepared itself with the resources, trained staff volunteers, contingencies and processes to ensure it is well equipped to tackle any repeat of the extreme weather conditions which have affected Scotland over the last few winters.

Earlier this month, Scottish Water launched its Winter Campaign to encourage communities throughout Scotland to follow its winter code – a set of simple steps to protect your pipes, be prepared and heat, insulate and protect homes and businesses.

Peter Farrer, Customer Service Delivery Director of Scottish Water, said: “We have been working since the end of last winter to look at what we need to do, as a business, learning from the experience of the last few years in particular, to prepare for whatever this winter brings.

“Earlier in October, we launched our winter campaign, asking our customers to play their part in protecting their homes by taking some simple steps. It is important that we are all ready for winter.”