Gate will keep Way walkers on the right path

SELF shutting gates are to be put up to stop inconsiderate West Highland Way walkers from letting livestock out of fields.

Trekkers wanting to access the popular tourist attraction at Dumgoyne Distillery from the long distance path have had to climb over a locked gate since the landowner - Duntreath Estate Trust - got fed up with people not shutting the gates behind them.

Stirling Council said they had been made aware of the problem and are working with the landowner.

The problem has got steadily worse due to the seasonal popularity of the 96 mile trek.

A Stirling Council access officer said: “We are aware of the problem and are in the process of putting in two self-shutting gates.

“The distillery is a popular stop for walkers as it is one of the 14 places that holds an official stamp that walkers collect to verify they have completed the route.

“More than 30,000 people do the West Highland Way every year and there is bound to be a small proportion that act inconsiderately.

“These gates should address the problems the landlord has been experiencing.”

The walking season gets into full swing after May and since then there has been a marked increase in the gate being left open.

However after the gates were locked the situation was exacerbated by some fence repair work which gave walkers the impression they were not allowed across the field.

Sir Archibald Edmonstone from the Estate said: “This part of the West Highland Way is managed by Stirling Council and they have assured me the work will be done soon.

“The gate hinges will be at an angle, so it will be impossible to leave these new gates open.”