Gas works set to cause disription

Jim Cumpsty says the gas works will cause massive disruption in the area.
Jim Cumpsty says the gas works will cause massive disruption in the area.

Milngavie residents claim they were not notified about gas works being carried out near their homes - which they say will cause chaos.

Jim Cumpsty from Watt Place in Milngavie was shocked to see that a concrete slab, about 12 feet by 12 feet in size, with a fence around it, had been placed on a patch of grass about ten feet away from his back gate.

Mr Cumpsty said: “I thought that if anyone does something of this nature they should inform local residents - but we’ve heard nothing about this.

“Not a single notice has been given to anyone. I think it’s terrible.

“This is going to cause chaos in the area - roads will be ripped up and service lines will be cut.

“People probably won’t be able to get access to their garages and the traffic flow will also be severely affected.”

Southern Gas networks said they have started essential work to install a gas governor on the land, which they own, at the entrance to Watt Place, to upgrade the local gas supply network in Milngavie to ensure a safe and reliable gas supply for the local area.

A gas governor maintains the appropriate gas pressure. The installation work will take approximately two weeks and they will return later to connect the gas governor to the gas mains, which they say is also within their land.

Hannah Adam, spokesperson for Southern Gas Networks, said: “We apologise that residents feel they have not received sufficient notification of our work. As soon as we received this feedback we wrote to all residents of Watt Place and our project manager has visited and been able to speak to the majority of residents.

“We will also keep the locals up to date with what’s happening regarding possible finishes for the kiosk which encloses the governor, so it blends in with the surrounding garages and landscape.”