Garden tools returned to their rightful owner

Ravelston Road, Bearsden.
Ravelston Road, Bearsden.

The police are warning people to be vigilant after garden tools worth over £200 were stolen from a shed at a house in Bearsden.

Thieves broke into a shed at a home in Ravelston Road, in the Westerton area of Bearsden, on Thursday, July 23, and took a lawnmower, hedge strimmer and chainsaw.

A dog walker later saw the items, which had been dumped in a nearby lane, and because he knew a neighbour had recently had garden equipment stolen from his shed, he knocked on his door and told him where they were so that he could go and collect them.

Constable Stuart Cairns from Kirkintilloch Police Office gave the following advice to homewoners.

He said: “Check that your insurance covers the contents of your shed or outbuildings from theft.

“Have a look at your shed and consider how you would break in. It is worth having a good lockable padlock and hasp on the door with no exposed screws.

“Pay attention to hinges as these are sometime easily removable. If you have windows secure them with wire mesh or grills.

“It is worth securing bicycles inside the shed to a ground anchor or lockable stand. Tools can be locked inside a locker or box or secured with a chain.

“Consider putting an old sheet or blanket over the top of mowers or bikes to keep them covered from view.

“Property marking your items is a good option; some tools can be painted with your name or postcode.

“Battery operated shed alarms can be purchased quite cheaply that respond to movement with an extremely loud siren and this is another effective option.”

This incident was one of a spate of break-ins in the Westerton area of Bearsden on the same day.

Westerton Bowling Club on Maxwell Avenue and an IT consultancy were also broken into but nothing was taken from either premises. If you have any information phone the police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.