Fury at 02 and Vodafone phone mast plan

charlotte green and baby francesca at kilmardinnt house, the area where the mast is to be'photo emma mitchell'29/8/11
charlotte green and baby francesca at kilmardinnt house, the area where the mast is to be'photo emma mitchell'29/8/11
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A MUM is spearheading a campaign to stop a massive phone mast being built on a Bearsden beauty spot.

Telecoms giants O2 and Vodafone want to erect a 75-foot aerial which will tower above the grounds of Kilmardinny House, a listed building.

Charlotte Green’s house would lie in the shadow of the huge mast - and she has helped start an action group to oppose its construction.

Residents were shocked to receive letters from Mono Consultants, acting on behalf of O2 and Vodafone, telling them that the companies are in the process of “seeking a suitable site in Bearsden North for a radio base station” and that the “best solution” for their “customers in the local area” is in the grounds of Kilmardinny House, which is used as an arts centre and is popular with children.

The letter is part of a consultation the companies must carry out before submitting a planning application to East Dunbartonshire Council.

It featured a mocked up photo of what the mast would look like, showing it towering over trees in Kilmardinny House

Mrs Green (38), who lives near the site with husband Alex and children Francesca (1), Georgia (8) and Marianna (5), wants the development stopped - for both health and aesthetic reasons.

She said: “Government findings are not conclusive that these things are not harmful. Studies are relatively recent and no one knows the long-term effects.

“The Stewart Report in 2000 recognised that ‘some people’s well-being may be adversely affected by the environmental impact of mobile phone base stations sited next to houses schools or other buildings as well as by fear of perceived direct effects’.

“The report recommended that the ‘beam of greatest intensity from a base station’s antenna should not fall on part of the school grounds or building’.

“Kilmardinny House hosts a lot of activities for children. Kilmardinny Loch and the park are located nearby which is used by children. Children also live near this proposed mast.

“Also, green space areas are getting swallowed up. On an aesthetic level the mast will be very detrimental to this area of natural beauty. A 23-metre lattice construction with six antennas will be visible from many points as it is being built on high ground.

“The foliage will not hide this ugly construction. The antennas will exceed the natural treeline. The trees are in a conservation area.

“Why pick an area where you have to build a mast so high it exceeds the level of trees to ruin the natural treeline? People in the area have to get council permission to cut trees in their garden and Kilmardinny House is a listed building. People want to enjoy Kilmardinny Loch without having to view this ugly construction.”

She continued: “It’s very ironic that O2 and Vodafone believe they are reducing the environmental impact of network development by proposing this so close to residential houses and an area of natural beauty. Needless to say local residents are horrified.”

Mono Consultants were unavailable for comment.