Funding blunder could cause nursery closure

Buchanan Nursery
Buchanan Nursery

Parents were plunged into uncertainty after being told their kids’ nursery might have to close - because of a blunder over applying for funds.

Buchanan Nursery on Grampian Way in Baljaffray has been told that an application for vital cash has been refused by East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC), due to an administrative error.

The council says the Bearsden nursery failed to accurately submit all the information that was required.

It employs 19 members of staff and 125 children attend in total - 60 pre-school, aged three to five.

Nursery owner, Four Seasons Health Care, acknowledges that mistakes were made due to ‘human error’.

The company admitted the nursery’s future is now ‘in doubt’.

Parents this week recieved letters - and have been left stunned.

Andrew McRae said: “It suggests that due to as small a thing as someone filling out a form incorrectly, the council will remove funding from the nursery, causing the nursery to close.

“Obviously that would lead to local job losses and a great deal of disruption.”

Buchanan Nursery was established in 1996 with Julie Harvey as manager for the past 16 years.

The nursery has had high ratings from the Care Inspectorate and has been used to pilot new initiatives in nursery care on behalf of EDC.

Mrs Harvey said: “I am devastated and so sorry for the pre-school children and their parents that this has happened as a result of mistakes in a document and I implore the council to consider an appeal.”

Gordon Currie, Director of Education and Children’s Services,said: “We understand the concern of parents and everyone associated with Buchanan Nursery in the current situation.

“The council followed the required legal and procurement procedures when assessing this and other tenders for awarding early years’ partnership contracts.

“The council’s Early Years and Childcare Team will work with parents to offer alternative early learning and childcare options for their child within local authority or partner providers.

“Parents who are affected should contact the Early Years Information Line on 0141 578 8707.”