Fund will help to repair important war memorial in Bearsden

New Kilpatrick Church war memorial.
New Kilpatrick Church war memorial.

A decaying war memorial in New Kilpatrick Church, Bearsden, will be repaired thanks to a grant of £9,107.

The cash comes from the £1 million Centenary Memorials Restoration Fund which was launched to commemorate the centenary of World War I, to repair and conserve war memorials in Scotland.

The memorial in the West Porch of the church dates back to 1920 and is in a poor condition due to graffiti, previous unsuitable conservation work and weather erosion as it was originally located outside.

The sandstone has decayed, sections of caved stone have been lost and inscriptions are fading.

The grant will help to fund stabilisation works to the sandstone and re-pointing using a lime mortar, as well as remove graffiti and re-paint the memorial inscriptions.

John Young, chairman of Friends of New Kilpatrick which has raised over £10,000 to put towards the additional work that will be required, said: “We’re thrilled to get this grant as we’ve been wanting to restore this memorial for a considerable time.

“It is for the whole community of Bearsden and shows 350 names of soldiers who served, 48 of them were killed in action.

“It will be wonderful to be able to re-carve the names to clarify them and make them legible once more.”