Free wifi planned for Milngavie

Milngavie town centre, G.V of shops'Photo by Emma Mitchell'18/2/14
Milngavie town centre, G.V of shops'Photo by Emma Mitchell'18/2/14

Free wi-fi for all is coming to Milngavie precinct at the end of this year thanks to an

innovative project being carried out by Milngavie BID.

The wi-fi will provide businesses, residents and visitors with free, unlimited internet access and will be combined with a special app for Milngavie that will offer significant benefits to members of the public who wish to use it and BID levy payers.

This forward-looking and innovative development will allow the levy payers and other business owners to manage their own promotions to loyal shoppers and other prospective customers, as well as provide a platform to allow them to advertise and promote specific events and offers.

The wi-fi will encourage visitors to the village to stay longer as they will be able to surf the internet and engage with the local businesses and the goods and services they offer.

It will also advertise the West Highland Way and the many other outdoor pursuits and attractions that Milngavie has to offer and increase awareness and engagement in a user-friendly way.

Milngavie BID anticipates that the wi-fi, which will cover the town centre and M&S car park, will be in operation by the end of this year.

Neil Cunningham, chairman of the Milngavie BID board, said: “The installation of the wi-fi network will put Milngavie and the local businesses and attractions on the map.

“It will facilitate proactive marketing and engagement with shoppers and other visitors, leading to greater awareness of what’s on offer and, in turn, greater commercial opportunities for the BID levy payers.

“It will also allow the levy payers to use a new, technology-based shop-watch system and Milngavie BID will announce more details about that shortly.”

Lesley Shaw, the BID manager, added: “The wi-fi and app mean that when people are visiting Milngavie they can easily find out what they can do during their time there.

“Businesses will also be able to update information on the app.

“We’re really pleased that this is coming soon and I will be in contact with levy payers and businesses to explain how they can benefit from it.”

If you have any questions about the scheme contact Lesley by emailing