Free cookery tips

Food Festival Loch Lomond Shores
Food Festival Loch Lomond Shores

The twice monthly Farmer’s Markets at Loch Lomond Shores are delighted to be hosting Live Cookery Demos over the summer.

Christopher Trotter, who is both a chef and cook book author, is boiling and stewing, chopping and slicing, some delicious items that he chooses from the range of delicious fresh food at the market that day.

He will then show everyone what to do with different cuts of meat, types of fish and the best way to use this seasons’ fruit and vegetables.

Christopher, a food ambassador, is a passionate advocate for seasonal fresh Scottish food. He has written five cookery books - three on Scottish cooking and tradition with his latest “The Whole Cow” being published in 2013.

These free sessions will be held this Sunday (July 19) and Sunday, August 16 when visitors will also have the chance to put their foodie questions to the leading expert. No booking is necessary.

Christopher will be running the demonstrations at regular intervals on both days from 11am, with the last session at 2.30pm.