Former provost says council is out of tune on buskers

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A FORMER East Dunbartonshire provost has slammed the council for allowing buskers to perform in Milngavie precinct and vendors to sell The Big Issue - without a licence.

Pat Steel says it’s particularly unfair because Milngavie Pipe Band has to apply for a licence to play in the village to raise funds.

She said: “It seems that anyone can come into the village and beg for money.

“Yet Milngavie Pipe Band, who all live locally within the authority, have to ask permission.

“My daughter, who works in the village, told me that someone was playing drums all day recently and it was very noisy.

“I believe that buskers can be moved on if they are a public nuisance.”

Alistair Crighton, head of legal and democratic services at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “It is correct that buskers do not need a local authority licence to perform in Milngavie precinct but they can be moved on if they are deemed to be causing a nuisance. It is also correct that Big Issue vendors do not need a licence.

“However, if a group like Milngavie Pipe Band wishes to operate a charitable collection, they are required by law to obtain a local authority permit.

“East Dunbartonshire Council does not make these rules but is bound by legislation which is designed to ensure that public charitable collections are conducted properly.”

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