Folk legends Dick Gaughan and Peggy Seegar coming to Milngavie

dick gaughan
dick gaughan

TWO great gigs are coming up soon at The Fraser Centre in Milngavie.

Legendary Scottish folk singer Dick Gaughan is going to perform on Saturday (October 6) with support from Tina Marsh and Peggy Seegar is going to sing on Saturday, October 20, supported by Yvonne Lyon.

Gaughan was brought up immersed in the musical traditions and culture of the Gaels, both Scots and Irish, which provided the foundation for everything he does.

A professional musician and singer since January 1970 he has been playing guitar since the age of seven. He made his first solo album in 1971, working mainly in the areas now known as “folk” or “celtic” music, he has recorded extensively since then in many countries and in various combinations. He has also worked as a session musician in a wide variety of musical styles.

Having very eclectic tastes, he also plays everything from free jazz and rock to country music. He plays most fretted stringed instruments but his natural instrument, and perhaps what he is happiest doing, is acoustic guitar.

His greatest musical love is for the ancient traditional Scots ballads, also known as The Muckle Sangs (the big songs).

Peggy Seegar was born in 1935 into one of North America’s foremost folkmusic families and she was well schooled in the classic European music traditions. Between the ages of 12 and 35 she learned to play piano, guitar, five-string banjo, autoharp, Appalachian dulcimer and English concertina.

In 1959 she settled in London with Ewan MacColl, to whom she bore three children - she now has nine grandchildren. The MacColl/Seeger duo was at the forefront of the British folksong revival for the ensuing three decades. After Ewan’s death in 1989, she joined with Irene Pyper-Scott to form the singing duo No Spring Chickens.

Tickets for Dick Gaughan cost £10 and £15 for Peggy Seegar - they are available from

or phone 07743885991, doors open for both events at 7.30pm, for an 8pm start.