Flying club shot down by landlord

Glasgow Barnstormers Flying Club
Glasgow Barnstormers Flying Club

A model flying club, based at a site on Birdston Road, has come crashing to earth after finding their landowner has evicted them.

The Glasgow Barnstormers moved to the new purpose-created site on a field just outside Kirkintilloch, thanks to Lottery funding in 2010.

Now the landowner, Darren Miller has asked the club to leave the site while he carries out exploratory works on the land for anything up to six months, with a view to developing it.

The flying club was based at the location of the former landfill and sand quarry site in Birdston.

A concerned member of the public, who emailed the Herald, told us: “It’s a sad day that the landowner has told the Barnstormers flying club, to vacate the site.”

Club secretary Kenny Kennedy said: “The club has maintained the area for seven years, and had great community involvement. That now seems to have been for nothing. It was a great shame to find out the gate to the site has been padlocked closed with not one single discussion between the committee and the landowner in advance.

“A digger is already in the field working away and excavating the ground. What dangers will this be disturbing by excavating on the site – remember this was a former tip which was previously recorded as containing toxic liquids and industrial waste? We have no idea the effect this will be having on the environment.”

The Herald has made numerous attempts to contact Mr Miller, but to date he has failed to respond.