Flower show date for stonemason

Callum Gray
Callum Gray

A Balfron stonemason has been chosen to build part of Australia’s entry for the Chelsea Flower Show . . . for the second time.

Callum Gray (42) will construct a stone fire pit for Australia’s 2015 entry for the show, which takes place from May 19 to 23.

Two years ago he built a dry stone wall as part of the ‘Trailfinders Garden’ created by Australian garden designer Phillip Johnson, which won ta gold medal.

Callum’s expertise was spotted by well-known Australian landscape designer Charlie Albone , who was at Chelsea presenting a TV programme.

When Charlie decided to raise the funding for Australia’s entry for 2015 he approached Callum immediately.

Callum said: “Being part of a winning entry at Chelsea has lived with me as the highlight of my career so far, so when Charlie asked me to contribute this year I was honoured.

“I’m looking forward to creating something really special. It’s important to keep the art of stonemasonry alive and I think Charlie’s design really pays homage to a wonderful traditional skill.”

Charlie ’s garden is entitled ‘The Time In Between’ and is inspired by the death of his father when he was 17. It is a space where he imagines meeting with his father to tell him about what has happened in his life since his passing.

Callum is using 1000 individual pieces of blonde sandstone all shaped by hand.