Floods wreak havoc in Milngavie and Bearsden

Heavy rain on Monday night caused chaos in the district, flooding homes and cars and leaving residents with a costly mop-up bill.

Gordon Lyon of Golf View in Bearsden was woken to the sound of his car alarm going off at 3am on Tuesday morning.

West of Scotland Football Club grounds

West of Scotland Football Club grounds

He was horrified to find it submerged in about two feet of water.

His wife’s car nearby was also deluged by the flood which had come from the marshland opposite their home.

Gordon, who has lived there for seven years, said: “Our neighbours garden was covered with water.

“This is a regular occurrence, it happens about twice a year every winter, but we’d been told by a council official that the problem had been resolved and that it would be safe to park our cars in the street.

“It’s going to cost hundreds to repair our cars and will probably raise our insurance premiums.”

A number of houses were flooded on Conon Avenue in Bearsden including 41-year-old Ruska Heppell’s.

He said: “My partner heard unusual noises downstairs and when she went to investigate she was shocked to see the ground floor covered with about 10cm of water.

“We’ve lived here for over ten years and this is the first time this has happened.

“Our furniture and flooring is ruined and we will have to claim insurance.

“Now we’ve just got to clean up there’s nothing much else we can do, and hope it doesn’t happen again.”

Glasgow Road in Milngavie was closed on Tuesday morning from 2am to 10am and The West of Scotland Football pitch at Burnbrae, Glasgow Road, was also badly affected by the persistent rain.

However, vice president Gordon Cairns is hopeful that they will still be able to play their march against Marr on Saturday.

He said: “We’ll have to wait until Friday to make a decision but ours is one of the best pitches in Scotland for drainage. One of our pumps wasn’t working but the other one would normally have been sufficient - the only reason it’s been a problem is due to the amount of rain.”