Flood victims seek a solution

Gordon Lyon in the floods in Golf Drive, Bearsden last year.
Gordon Lyon in the floods in Golf Drive, Bearsden last year.

A victim of the severe floods in Bearsden last year is calling for action - not just words - to combat the problem and find a long term solution.

While Gordon Lyon of Golf View is very grateful to Bearsden North Councillor Duncan Cumming for organising a meeting on the issue recently he says they are still a long way from being able to implement any final solution.

He says important questions weren’t answered including costs involved in the proposed scheme or a timescale for the plan.

He said: “No one seemed willing to confirm whether the funds for the repairs are available now or in the future and no matter how good the plan may be, if EDC don’t have the funds, it will ultimately fail.

“We know EDC is strapped for cash but someone must be able to provide a ‘ballpark’ figure of what the cost is likely to be, even if it only a guide.

“After waiting years for some meaningful repairs to the flooding problem throughout the area we should be pretty high up the pecking order by now.”

Mr Lyon would also like the ownership of the grassy area opposite his property, which was deluged last year, to be be established as soon as possible.

Duncan Cumming, Independent councillor, said: “The most important thing is that the current momentum must be continued and a further meeting in the near future should be held.

“I want to achieve results for my constituents and I am extremely grateful to them for asking the council officers some very relevant questions. We look forward to an answer to this problem in the very near future.”

Grace Irvine, director of neighbourhood services, said:, “We understand the concerns of residents who previously suffered the misery of having property, gardens or cars damaged by flooding and we were pleased to attend this meeting with them.

“Engineers have assessed the cause of the flooding and developed a scheme that includes options which were discussed at the meeting.

“Taking account of feedback these options will be fully appraised in order to ensure that the most effective, best value solution is selected - one that will work in the long-term. As part of that appraisal, indicative costs and timescales will be developed.

“Delivering schemes to alleviate flooding in East Dunbartonshire is a high priority for the council.”