Flood alarm over massive Bearsden and Milngavie housing plan

Land opposite Burnbrae Pub, Milngavie'Photo by Emma Mitchell'22/1/14
Land opposite Burnbrae Pub, Milngavie'Photo by Emma Mitchell'22/1/14

A detailed map released by a green watchdog shows that the site of a new housing development could carry a high risk of flooding.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) recently published charts showing every area of the country that could be hit with a flood.

SEPA map'Photo by Emma Mitchell'20/1/14

SEPA map'Photo by Emma Mitchell'20/1/14

Its online map shows areas marked in blue which have a ‘high’ likliehood of inundation.

Amongst them is the ‘Kilmardinny Strip’ - land between Milngavie and Bearsden where Cala is about to build hundreds of homes.

The area is well known to locals as a flood plain, with incidents occuring every year.

Cala is due to commence the construction of 135 new homes across the 9.2 acre site, the former Burnbrae bus garage, which appears to be marked as a high-risk area.

The housebuilder has been urged to do everything it can to ‘mitigate’ the risk to home buyers.

Gordon Cox, of the Kilmardinny Westpark Action Group (KWAG), which was set up to monitor Cala’s plans, said: “KWAG has always been concerned about the risk of flooding in this area - an area which has flooded recently.

“We’ve always been concerned about how this could be mitigated.”

Milngavie councillor Jim Gibbons said: “Any planning application in this area is a cause for concern. There was severe flooding on Milngavie Road before Christmas.

“The culvert for the Craigdhu Burn can become clogged up despite being cleared regularly by council staff.

“There are further obstacles down stream as far as the railway line.”

Milngavie MSP Gil Paterson said: “I’m not surprised at this as this development has been controversial from the outset and flooding was always cited as one of the problems in this location.

“It is the duty of the developer to make sure the remedial work is done before any houses are built.

“The council should also scrutinise the plans put forward in case the problem simply gets shifted further downstream.”

A spokesperson for Cala said: “All the necessary flood appraisals and risk assesments were undertaken prior to the preparation and submission of the detailed plans. All of the developable areas at our former bus garage site at Kilmardinny have been examined and have been deemed to not be a flood risk.

“East Dunbartonshire Council and SEPA were consulted on these matters and were satisfied with our development proposals.”