Five flytippers in East Dunbartonshire each fined £200 thanks to the public

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Flytippers in East Dunbartonshire are paying the price for their selfish and destructive actions which cause a blight on the landscape.

Flytipping is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and so far this year, the Council’s Community Safety Officers have issued five fixed penalty notices – landing offenders with a £200 fine for their trouble.

Councillor Billy Hendry is grateful to local people for their help in ensuring flytippers are dealt with.

He said: “Flytippers choose quiet areas at times when they hope not to be seen but thanks to local people spotting their activities, reporting it to the Council and providing witness statements we are able to catch up with them.

“This is a sign people are no longer tolerating flytipping and willing to get involved to ensure offenders are punished. Simple evidence, like vehicle registration numbers and descriptions are invaluable.”

So far in East Dunbartonshire, three have been paid the fine, one is still within timescale for paying and the other is now the subject of a report to the Procurator Fiscal.

There is no excuse for flytipping as the Council offers uplifts for bulky waste or householders can take waste directly to the Mavis Valley Waste Transfer Station. Council officers find a lot of flytipping locally is by people given the job of removing waste, in good faith by householders.

Councillor Hendry had this warning for householders: “Remember it’s your responsibility to check their credentials. They must have a waste carrier licence and a waste transfer note. If you don’t carry out proper checks on them, you could end up being fined.”

Report flytipping by calling 0300 123 4510 in confidence.