Five blooming good ideas for plants

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Dobbies Garden Centre in Milngavie is urging home gardeners to make the most of the warmer weather by sprucing up for summer.

And the firm’s plant buyer, Scott Provan, has selected his top five favourites for this time of year.

1. Fuschia is an exotic plant with two tone flowers, usually in bright pink and purple or soft pink and white. You can grow this plant almost anywhere although it tends to grow best in patios or hanging baskets.

2. The Osteospermum is part of the sunflower and daisy family. It blooms an abundance of bright flowers from early summer in vibrant whites, deep pinks, delicate lilacs and sunshine yellows. This plant is perfect for creating a stunning border feature.

3. The Geranium is a classic, versatile plant that never fails to disappoint producing flowers in bold, striking colours like pillar box reds and violets. Bedding varieties are ideal to plant now but these versatile plants are also available as a perennial for year after year flowering.

4. Petunias are one of the most popular plants for home gardens – this plant is easy to look after as it doesn’t require much watering and can really brighten up a flower bed or window box.

5. Nothing screams summer more than Marigolds. With its bright yellow, gold and sunset orange flowers, this is ideal for adding a splash of colour to your garden. Plant it in pots at your front door to give your guests a cheerful welcome and next to your fruit and vegetable plants to attract bees.