Fiona backs nuke veterans

BEARSDEN MSP Fiona McLeod recently met veterans from the British Nuclear test Veterans Association to speak to them about their decades-long fight for compensation from the UK government.

They are a group of service personnel who witnessed nuclear tests in the 1950s and who claim this has affected their health.

Mrs McLeod met with, amongst others, Bob Smith of Lennoxtown, who is a member of the association.

She said: “I was proud to speak up for Bob and his colleagues from the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association in a recent debate to call on the Westminster government to honour their responsibilities to veterans.

“Bob has kindly lent me books on the subject and provided me with information and told me his own story has touched me so profoundly. Westminster paid off the Australian government in 1993 as recompense for any damage to land and to indemnify them of any blame.

“The Australians, in turn, paid a token amount of compensation to their own veterans – something Westminster has never done for its own people. It is only right and only fair that the sacrifices Scottish veterans made are recognised.”