Fight to save Baldernock Primary School

baldernock primary'Photo Emma Mitchell'3/7/13
baldernock primary'Photo Emma Mitchell'3/7/13

Parents are angry that Baldernock Primary School is facing closure again and have vowed to do everything they can to save the school.

They claim the council’s plans to close the school is at odds with the spirit of recent legislation and guidance on rural schools.

Chair of Baldernock Primary parent council, Rona Hamilton, said: “This school worth fighting for. It is thriving, with a rising roll of pupils. Parents recognise the unique, special environment that it provides, enabling pupils to enjoy an education that is supportive and challenging.

“Persistent threats to its future have done little to dampen enthusiasm for a school which should be celebrated.

“For the council to try to close our school when our community shows signs of regeneration with new families wanting to live and educate their children here is ridiculous.

“We want the school and many want it to become a community facility yet nothing has happened. The council are ignoring the community’s wishes, again.

“It’s time they support the rural community of Baldernock and the school’s future.”

Niall Campbell, former chair of Baldernock Primary Parent Council, said: “The community feels betrayed by East Dunbartonshire Council.”

The council’s chief education officer, Jacqui MacDonald, said: “As part of our Primary School Improvement Programme we are looking across the council area to address issues of under-occupancy, aging buildings and rising educational costs.

“In line with legislation, we are about to embark on community engagement during which we will set out the reasons that the council might close Baldernock Primary, and discuss all possible impacts with the entire school community. “Reasonable alternatives to closure and their impacts will also be discussed, and we will work with the community in Baldernock to decide if closure is an appropriate option. We have never ignored the local community and they will continue to be at the heart of talks.”