Festive guide to NHS health services

It may not be wrapped up under the tree, but NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s winter guide is essential Christmas reading.

The Festive Guide to Your Health Services booklet is distributed across GP surgeries, health centres, clinics, pharmacies, dentists and opticians in the Glasgow area.

Vital information covered includes the opening hours of pharmacies and advice on how to access a GP when surgeries are closed.

The guide also reminds the public that Minor Injury Units (MIUs), including Stobhill Hospital, are open between 9am-9pm throughout the holidays. These are suitable for a range of minor physical injuries for adults and children aged five and over.

Contact information regarding the wide range of out-of-hours services including those staffed by GPs is also comprehensively covered.

Dr Linda de Caestecker, NHSGGC’s director of public health, said: “GP and dental surgeries close for the two public holidays at Christmas and again at New Year, however a range of other health services remain open.

“Many common ailments, such as colds and flu or stomach upsets, can be treated without going to GPs or local hospitals - pharmacists often provide the appropriate help.

“By having the booklet to hand, know what services are available during the holidays and how these can be accessed appropriately.

“It outlines where people can access help if someone becomes unwell and can’t wait for the GP surgery to re-open following the holidays.

“As always, it’s essential people make sure they have sufficient supplies of any medication they may need. Being prepared can be the key factor in preventing hospital admissions.

“We’re also asking people to be aware of a few simple precautions if they visit a friend or relative in hospital. This is important as we’re seeing an increase in Norovirus.”

The steps include avoiding eating raw or unwashed produce, regularly washing hands, not sharing towels and flannels, disinfecting any surfaces that could be contaminated by the virus, and washing any contaminated clothing or bedding separately from other items.

The information from the leaflet can also be accessed online at www.nhsggc.org.uk/knowwhototurnto