Festive accident warning

MAKE sure your home is safe for visitors throughout the festive period with help from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

They are encouraging people to think about the safety of their home for others - particularly young children - who might be dropping in during the holidays.

The RoSPA believes that with just a little more care and forward planning most accidents could be avoided.

Elizabeth Lumsden, community safety manager for RoSPA in Scotland, said: “Small items could pose a choking hazard to babies and toddlers, including dishes of peanuts or sweets or parts that have fallen off toys or from Christmas trees. Medication should also be stored safely out of the sight and reach of children and consider whether household chemicals kept under the sink need to be moved or the cupboard locked. If you have blinds or curtains with looped operating cords, tie the cords high up out of the reach of young children or, better still, use one of the many cleats, cord tidies, clips or ties that are available.”