Fears that someone will be killed on A81

Cyclists using the A81 after new lanes installed
Cyclists using the A81 after new lanes installed

The new cycle lanes on the A81 have been one of the most controversial issues we have covered and letters have flooded into us from readers about it.

It has proved to be unpopular with many local people and commuters. Lots of residents have spoken out about the new layout of Milngavie Road being dangerous while others have gone so far to say that someone will be seriously injured or killed.

One cyclist wrote to tell us that he was knocked off his bike on the road in Bearsden, and he is calling for it to be re-designed.

Martin Gallagher was using the new cycle lane when a vehicle came out of the entrance of American Golf and didn’t stop.

He braked but still hit the Jeep and was thrown off his bike.

Mr Gallagher said: “If I had been going at speed and hit him, I would have been over my handlebars, over his bonnet and into the on-coming traffic that he was trying to avoid.

“How long will it take for someone to be seriously injured or even killed because of this new cycle lane?

“When the snow comes you won’t be able to see the lane.

“It should be dismantled and destroyed. NOW.”

A letter from Paul Murray the following week backed up these claims. He said: “I doubt this accident will be the last.

“Recently there was a fatality down south involving a child who fell from her bike into the path of oncoming traffic.

“A tragic circumstance which could easily occur here as we now have cyclists and vehicles travelling opposite directions with relative speeds in excess of 60mph.

“And still we are told this is safer. There is no aspect of this scheme which improves safety.”

Thomas Glen, director of development and regeneration at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “We are monitoring the use of Bears Way and it is proving popular, particularly with people with children who would not have cycled on the A81 previously.

“To date we have had no reported accidents and only one report of a near-miss. We are working with Police Scotland locally and again have not received any reports of accidents or incidents. We encourage anyone involved in such an incident to contact our team and Police Scotland.

“Any unacceptable or dangerous behaviour by any road user - including speeding - should be reported to Police Scotland.

“You can contact the Bears Way team by e-mailing cycling@eastdunbarton.gov.uk or call 0300 123 4510.”