Extra funding to boost fire safety in Milngavie and Bearsden

East Dunbartonshire Council today welcomed £3,800 funding from the Electrical Safety Council (ESC), through its Fire Safety Fund.

The council is one of the successful applicants to the fund, which aims to support a range of fire prevention initiatives at a local level, to tackle the causes of electrically-related fires.

A number of other Scottish community organisations and local services also benefitted.

The council will use the cash to raise local awareness of the dangers around electrical appliances, focussing on addressing the basic and easily avoidable mistakes that people make when using electric blankets, mobile phone chargers and hair straighteners at home.

According the government statistics, each year over two thirds of accidental fires in Scottish homes – over 3,500 annually – are caused by electricity and product misuse is major cause of these accidents.

Council Leader, Rhondda Geekie said: “For many years we have run a free electric blanket safety check service which is always popular, especially with older residents and last year, 70 people took part. This will run again this year.

“We will also be running a campaign aimed at parents who use straighteners in an attempt to cut down on incidents where under 5s are burned. In addition, we will be involved in research among young people about how, where and when they charge their mobile phones and other electronic devices. There’ll be more information about these plans over the coming year.

“This money from the Electrical Safety Council is a boost to our efforts in the very important area of home safety and will help us do more.”

In this latest round of awards, the ESC has provided almost £25,000 to seven Scottish organisations. This brings the total amount of funding provided to Scotland through the ESC’s Fire Safety Fund, since its launch in 2009, to almost £111,000.

Phil Buckle, Director General of the ESC, said: “Our Fire Safety Fund always delivers an innovative range of projects to raise awareness of electrical fires. By funding grass roots organisations in this way, we can ensure our message of electrical safety is reaching communities through the people they trust – their own ‘home grown’ local organisations.”

For more details on the Fire Safety Fund visit ESC’s website at www.esc.org.uk