Exciting new festival is being planned for Bearsden 2014

Rev Roddy Hamilton
Rev Roddy Hamilton

After the success of last year’s Bearsden arts festival there are plans for another one this year - with a Commonwealth Games theme.

Last year’s event - the first one of it’s kind in Bearsden - was organised by Rev Roddy Hamilton of New Kilpatrick Church and he is now setting the wheels in motion for something similar but this time it will tie in with the Commonwealth Games.

Last year’s festival was a huge success with over 1,500 visitors to the arts and crafts trail which was just one of themany attractions.

After a recent initial meeting for this year’s event, Rev Roddy Hamilton said: “We brought together traders, churches and organisations to offer three or four mini-festivals throughout the summer and autumn to the community.

“We’ll have a sporting festival in July when the baton comes through Bearsden with food from all the different nations.

“Then in August/September we hope to have another mini-festival for children and families to give them the chance to sign up with different organisations to do something creative over the year.There will also be music, puppets, vintage cars and buses.

“Then we’ll have a third mini-festival in October with a Celtic theme, we might even be independent by the, with a school country dance festival, ceilidhs and music.”