Erskine needs your support

VETERANS’ charity Erskine will be piloting a new fundraising campaign using door-to-door collecting.

Over the coming month specially trained fundraisers will be knocking on doors in Milngavie and Bearsden to spread the word about Erskine and to ask generous members of the public to pledge their support.

They will be easily identifiable in their purple Erskine jackets and each will carry a unique ID card.

Fundraisers have permission from local authorities and local police will have been informed in advance.

The charity has been rebuilding shattered lives, restoring dignity and caring for ex-Service men and women since 1916. It relies heavily on voluntary donations to care for over 1300 veterans each year within five care homes located across Scotland

Door-to-door fundraising is proven to be one of the most cost effective methods for Erskine to recruit valuable long-term supporters which is absolutely vital to the continuation of the work they do.

Charity spokesman Peter Macfarlane said: “Without the hard work and dedication of our loyal supporters we would not be able to continue in our work to ensure that the former members of the armed forces receive the invaluable care and attention they so richly deserve.

“We want to highlight this campaign as it is the first time we have gone out to people directly to ask for support.”