There was traffic gridlock when temporary lights were put up at the Bearsden junction with the A81 some weeks ago

Allander junction traffic lights fiasco - find out how your councillor voted

The Herald continues to be swamped with emails, letters and phone calls from residents in both Milngavie and Bearsden who are up in arms over the installation of new traffic lights at the Allander junction.

Thursday, 25th March 2021, 10:05 am
Updated Thursday, 25th March 2021, 2:57 pm

East Dunbartonshire Council revealed on social media yesterday (Wednesday) that work is to begin on Monday, April 5.

Many local people are against the installation – including Bearsden North Community Council. They are protesting over the standing traffic on Milngavie Road, reduced air quality, difficulties turning right out of Mosshead Road and loss of on-street parking for 28 residents who have had this facility for over 90 years. They are also protesting over a lack of public consultation.

East Dunbartonshire Council have cited safety reasons for the lights.

Councillors voted in favour of the traffic lights installation at a meeting of the council’s Planning Board last summer. The proposal was passed by 14-4 votes.

The councillors who voted in favour of the lights included the two council leaders Councillor Andrew Polson and Councillor Vaughan Moody, who both represent Bearsden South, and all three councillors who represent the ward affected, Councillor Rosie O’Neil (LibDem, Bearsden North), Councillor Sheila Mechan (Conservative, Bearsden North) and Councillor Duncan Cummings (Independent, Bearsden North).

Those in favour: Councillor Andrew Polson (Conservative, Bearsden South); Councillor Vaughan Moody (LibDem Bearsden South); Councillor Sheila Mechan (Conservative Bearsden North); Councillor Rosie O’Neil (LibDem Bearsden North); Councillor Graeme McGinnigle (Conservative, Milngavie); Councillor Duncan Cummings (Independent, Bearsden North); Provost Alan Brown (Conservative Bishopbriggs South); Councillor Mohrag Fischer, (SNP, Bishopbriggs North); Councillor Stewart MacDonald (Labour, Kirkintilloch East); Councillor Alan Moir (Labour, Bishopbriggs South); Councillor Susan Murray (LibDem, Kirkintilloch East); Councillor Gary Pews (LibDem Bishopbriggs North); Councillor Gillian Renwick (SNP, Lenzie); Councillor Sandra Thornton (Conservative, Lenzie).

Those against: Councillor Jim Gibbons (SNP, Milngavie) who put forward an amendment against the installation of the traffic lights; Councillor Paul Ferretti (SNP, Bishopbriggs North); Councillor Denis Johnston (SNP, Bearsden South) and Councillor Gordan Low (SNP, Bishopbriggs South).

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