Electric car for Fintry

FEET (Fintry Energy Efficient Transport) is adding an electric car to its community car club fleet.

Thanks to the Citroen Scotland, a Citroen C-Zero Electric Car will be available to FEET community car club users during a two month pilot placement which started this Wednesday, with no fuel or mileage charge.

The normal membership and hourly rate apply.

Spokesperson Kelly McIntyre said : “It is a great opportunity to try out electric vehicle technology and to finally join your community car club, FEET!

“You don’t need to live in Fintry. It you live within the Fintry/Balfron DRT (Demand Responsive Transport) region, you can arrange to be picked up and delivered to your FEET car. There is a £60 one-off joining fee or £20 for two months.”

The hourly rate is from £2.50 for any car - and reduces the longer you use it.

Contact Kelly on 07880823302 or email Kelly@fintrydt.org.uk.

FEET is also holding a free draughtproofing workshop on Wednesday, September 26 at the Fintry Inn at 7pm and they need old or unwanted sash windows for use in future projects.

Telephone 0773 436 4673 or 0788 0823302 or e-mail matthew@fintrydt.org.uk or chrissy@fintrydt.org.uk