Edmonstone family of Duntreath Castle search for their missing dogs

Missing: Kate and Gwen
Missing: Kate and Gwen

The aristocratic owners of historic Duntreath Castle in Blanefield are offering a £1,000 reward for information which helps them to find their dogs which went missing last week.

The twin-sister cocker spaniels went missing last Wednesday, August 12 from the garden of the home of Dru Edmonstone, the son of Sir Archibald and Lady Julie Edmonstone.

He lives in Ardoch House in the Duntreath Castle Estate, which is situated on Cuilt Road.

Dru believes that the dogs, called Gwen and Kate, have been stolen and that it’s no coincidence that they were taken on the first and busiest day of the grouse shooting season.

Spaniels are working dogs and it’s possible that someone took them because they believed they were valuable.

The Edmonstone family have been searching the length and breadth of Scotland to try to find the dogs, which are brown and white and black and white.

They have been along the West Highland Way in case walkers took them along the path, and they have travelled to Aberdeen and placed posters everywhere.

The family has also put out an appeal on radio stations and facebook.

He said: “We are doing everything we can to get them back as we miss them terribly.

“They are like our children and we are devastated to have lost them.

“We can only pray that they are being well looked after and will be returned to us safely.

“Perhaps someone from Bearsden or Milngavie has seen them?

“We believe someone saw the dogs in our garden when they were passing in their car.

“They are very friendly and trusting so it wouldn’t have been difficult to take them.”

The Edmonstones have contacted every police station in Glasgow and Stirling and animal shelters.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said; “We can confirm that we were made aware of two cocker spaniels reported missing in Blanefield on Wednesday, August 12.

“We have engaged further with the owner, who now believes the animals have been stolen and we are contuning with our inquiries.”

Sir Archie Edmonstone (80), the seventh baronet of Duntreath, inherited the castle at the age of 22. His family was granted the land by King Robert III in 1435 as a wedding gift for his grand-daughter.