Eastern European exhibitions at The Lillie Art Gallery

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In association with Streetlevel Photoworks, Trongate, The Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie, presents two fantastic new exhibitions - Domicele Tarabildiene ‘A Challenge to Time’ and Borderlands II from March 1 to 20.

Domicele Tarabildiene (1912–1985) was a well known interwar artist with a wide spectrum of work - engraving, book illustration and applied graphics, painting, and sculpture. Her poetic and surreal photography has only recently attracted public attention in Europe. There will be 19 photographs from the early 30s on show, most using the photomontage technique, all featuring the artist as the model in the scenes. Tarabildiene is Lithuania’s national artist and appears on a Lithuanian postage stamp.

Her work pre-dates the Soviet era, while the work in Borderlands II refers to a post Soviet condition. Pletkus (b. 1955) ‘Projects without Prospects’ captures the desolation in regional areas across that country. ‘Between the Shores’ by Valiauga (b. 1967) is a poetic journey on ferries to and from Lithuania to various ports across the Baltic Sea and Samulionytė (b. 1978) has photographed some of the 60 civil registry offices in Lithuania, which grew following the break up of the Soviet Union.