East Dunbartonshire Council tenants are facing rise in rent

East Dunbartonshire Council HQ
East Dunbartonshire Council HQ

Council house tenants are facing a two per cent rent hike in the coming year.

East Dunbartonshire Council recently agreed its Housing Revenue Account and Housing Capital Budget for 2016/17, which included the increase in the rent of council houses and council lock ups.

Housing chiefs say it is in line with the recognised formula for rent increase of Retail Price Index plus one per cent.

Councillor Stewart MacDonald, Convener of Neighbourhood Services, confirmed: “The Housing Revenue Budget, includes a two per cent rent increase, which has been met with broad agreement from our tenants, and sees over £33.3 million allocated for the repairs and maintenance of our council houses.

“It was encouraging to see that 72 per cent of respondents to our tenant questionnaire agreed with the rent increase formula and 71 per cent believed that the current rent was fair.”

The agreement also includes a housing capital programme for 2016/17 of £13.36 million.

Councillor MacDonald added: “In addition to improvements across our council house stock, such as roof and window replacements and kitchen and bathroom upgrades, our capital budget will result in 50 new council homes being completed and a further 30 under construction in 2016/17.”

A further consideration in the housing capital budget again sees £300k allocated to aids and adaptations which assists people to stay in their own homes.