East Dunbartonshire Council’s HQ cost £250,000 over budget

COUNCIL chiefs have admitted that a switch of headquarters has already cost £250,000 more than expected - with some councillors expecting the final bill to be DOUBLE the agreed budget.

Cash-strapped East Dunbartonshire Council had initially set aside £500,000 for the recent move from Tom Johnston House to Southbank Marina.

Now they say the figure is set to rise to £750,000 - a hike that SNP group leader Councillor Ian Mackay says he was only told about AFTER the money had been spent.

He said: “We were only informed of this as part of a capital report in the Policy and Resources Committee and by that time it was too late to do anything about it.

“At the last council meeting I called for a report on the overspend and for all expenditure to be accounted for but I’ve still not heard anything back. We will not allow this to be kicked into the long grass.”

The revelation comes after several Herald readers expressed concern about the amount of money being spent on the new HQ.

Councillor Mackay added: “People will be angry about this and rightly so.

“We approved the move to the marina and there was no dissent, but that was on a budget of £500,000 and made sense.

“If that figure was closer to £1million, which is beginning to look likely, we would have had to look at the decision again.”

But council leader Rhondda Geekie told the Herald that the final cost would not reach £1million and insisted that the overspend would save money in the long term.

She added that a detailed report on the overspend was being prepared for councillors.