Dummy run for Lenzie Nativity scene


Lenzie’s St Cyprian’s Church has its own full-scale stable to celebrate the Nativity this year – and parishioners have to walk through it to get into the main building.

Rector Les Ireland says the church plays host to an “alternative” interior design scheme to mark Christmas every year, but he reckons the 2016 effort is extra-special.

“This year we have modern ‘stained glass windows’”, he said, “but even more we have built a full size stable in our church, for the congregation to walk through.”

He added: “For years I have had a dream of finding a couple of full size tailors’ dummies and creating a full size stable, and this year I’ve found two through the Glasgow Play Resource Centre.

“There is a light yellow full size male mannequin and orange full size female mannequin.

“These are perfect, and have now been converted into Mary and Joseph, and the stable built with an old tarpaulin.”

People are welcome to go along and see this very different Nativity scene for themselves on Thursday, December 22 from 10.30am - 12pm – or, of course, at any of the church’s services.