Drymen art award for Wendy

Debs Award Picture
Debs Award Picture

Bill BLACK, the President of Drymen Art Club, presented new member of the club, Debs Winhall, with the Wendy Shuker Award for her picture Buffalo in the Dust recently.

This coveted award is presented for the best picture painted during the year and the selection was done by the visitors to the annual exhibition this year.

Over 300 people went along and 45 pictures were sold - more than 25 per cent of those shown.

Bill Black said: “We congratulate Debs on her success - her superb painting sets a new level of attainment for the club. This is good for the membership as we have been set a higher standard. We will be encouraged to work together to develop our individual skills.”

To to join the club contact Bill Black on 01360 440740 or email billsplashnews@gmail.com